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Why GoBroadband is Different

GoBroadband is your friendly neighbourhood one stop broadband shop designed to be a convenient and unique shop which carries a full suite of ICT, Telco and Broadband supplies which every home, small office, corporate and government user would ever need.

It specializes in the distribution and service of everything from telephony, modems, PCs, accessories and consumables as well as broadband, prepaid/postpaid aritime registration services.

The key differentiator is the Corporate Infostructure portal granted FREE for franchisee as competitive enabler tool.


Benefits of Franchising with Us

We at Gateway Option gladly offer you the opportunity to join us as a franchisee and earn your rights to use the Gateway Option's "GoBroadband" name and run your own successful business.

These are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a Gateway Option franchise:

You will have the opportunity to run your own business, earn your income and being responsible for your own success.
You will be provided asistance and support from Gateway Option to help you succeed in your business, including training, advertising, expertise, merchandise(bunting, backdrop, shirt, business card, name tag, flyer leaflet & brochure) and equipment.
You will gain satisfaction from serving and providing service to the community and help contributing to Gateway Option's current and future growth.
You will gain personal growth and business knowledge from Gateway Option's extensive training programmes through Introduction to ICT/ TELCO & Broadband, Basic Technical Training, Product Training, Sales & Marketing Training and Outlet Operations Training.


Packages Offered

Retail Outlet
What you will get?

1 unit notebook
1 unit 3 in 1 printer
1 Laser printer
3 months streamyx account
Access to Portal
Commission System
T-Shirt x 5
Name Tag x 5

Name Card x 100pcs
Bunting x 5
Brochure x 50
Sales & Marketing tools
Backdrop Fleximax

Bunting x 2
Sales & Marketing tools
Backdrop Maxroll

What you get?

1 unit notebook
1 unit 3 in 1 printer
2 months streamyx account
Access to Portal
T-Shirt x 2
Name Tag x 2
Name Card x 100pcs

What you get?

1month streamyx account
1 unit 3 in 1 printer
Access to portal
T-Shirt x 1
Name Tag x 1
Name Card x 100pcs

Sales & Marketing tools  

Any of the categories above will be able to access to our Corporate Infostructure

- GoBroadband Provisioning Portal
- Broadband In A Box total solution
- GoBroadband customer relationship management (CRM) solution
- Jaring Flite WiFi Provisioning Services
- Product & Services Management Portal – Modem Request
- IPS (Installer Payment Systems)
- GoBroadbandIP/ VoB Telephony Installer Systems
- GoBroadbandIP/ VoB Telephony Online Registration Systems
- ePerolehan (Electronic Procurement Government System)


Franchising Process
Start today! You can have your business set-up and running in as little as a few weeks!
Apply with us by filling in the form in "Join Us Now" or call 1-700-800-711. Rest assured that the initial submission is only the first step to ensure that both parties agree to form a relationship through a franchise agreement, and it does not bind you or Gateway Option in any way.
After receiving your application, Gateway Option representative will contact you through e-mail or by phone, and we will arrange an interview with you. If we are assured that you are a potential franchisee, we will assist and guide you through the next step.
We will provide you the comprehensive training to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective GoBroadband franchisee.
Preparation and Opening of your business is about to take place. Gateway Option will provide consultation and assistance during the initial operations of your business.

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Please take a few minutes to complete the information below. Gateway Option representative will be in touch to follow-up your request. Please be informed that you should avoid from refreshing the page after you submitted the form.

Once the form has been submitted, you can click on JOIN US NOW again to review your submission.

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