Franchise - PNS
  Women Franchise Program & Graduates Franchise Program are divided into 4 phase which is
  • (Phase 1) Internship & Guidance Phase
  • (Phase 2) Sponsorship Package Phase
  • (Phase 3) Outlet Opening Phase
  • (Phase 4) Observatory Phase

Phase 1 - Internship & Guidance
  Through the Phase 1 which is Internship and Guidance Phase, expected to be held for six week, the program participant will be guided with existed internship courses. The courses are Full Time Intensive Course, Adhered-Job (Industrial Internship) and Negotiation / Job Matching.

On the first week of Phase 1, participant will be attending Full Time Intensive Course. This course will be held in IKRAM Institute, Bangi organized by Malaysia Franchise Association (MFA). The course duration is about a week.

After that, program participant must participate in Adhered-Job (Industrial Internship) for four weeks. This program is organized by panel Franchiser of Women Franchise Program and Graduates Franchise Program. Participant has to choose two franchisers and conducts the Industrial Internship for two week of each franchiser.

For the last week of Phase 1, program participant will be attending Negotiation / Job Matching. Through this program, participants will gain knowledge about the Prospective of Franchisee Franchiser as well as Prospective of Franchisee Sponsor. At the end of the day, participant will be ready to continue the Phase 2 and the next phases in Women Franchise Program and Graduates Franchise Program hopefully.
Phase 2 - Sponsorship Package
  For Phase 2 which is Sponsorship Package Phase, participant has to get readily-prepared sponsorship scheme to ensure the participant can establish the business. In Malaysia, there are numerous financial resource and government agencies which offer this readily-prepared sponsorship scheme that can be considered by the participant.

One of them is Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS) which offers Franchise Sponsorship Scheme, SME Bank which prepared Graduates Entrepreneur Fund, New Entrepreneur Fund & New Product SME Franchise. Additionally, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) also offers MARA Sponsorship Scheme. Other resources are CGC which offers Direct Access Guarantee Scheme, Bank Rakyat as well as CIMB Bank.
Phase 3 - Outlet Opening
  In phase 3, the participant must identify and find strategic outlet for their franchise, the participants also must make premise rent agreement in order to make sure all the rules are fulfilled and agreed between both sides. The outlet modification and asset purchase like machines and tools must be done in this phase. In the end of this phase, the participants can already open their outlet and do a promotion supported by PNS.
Phase 4 - Monitoring
  In Phase 4, PNS and the related banking institution will monitor the participants where, the participants must submit their performance report monthly. They are also will create a visitation schedule for the participated outlets in order to monitor the participants performance from time to time.