CSR concept & Rationalization
Affordable broadband (Wireline & Wireless) Technology and Provisioning Business for rural folks sponsorship and mentoring programme.
Convergence of Socio-Economy & Technology

Key Initiatives and Motivations

- Supported by many channels of SME loans and grants as announced by Second Finance Minister recently

- In tandem National ICT My ICMS 886 agenda

- Special boast via recently CBC (Cabinet Broadband Committee) announced proposal to build a fibre optic infrastructure worth RM 15 billion of urban area and another worth RM 50 billions nationwide with Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications, Malaysia on 10/9/07

- Program Latihan ICT Desa bersamaan dengan kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi. (MeCD) Donation of used computers to adopt school in tandem with government PINTAR CSR project upon each success RND vender & Broadband subscription which required new PC

CSR Value Intergration
Our Employees
We provide for their professional growth, encouraging them to acquire and develop new skills. We aim to be the ideal business for capable, motivated people.
Our Customers
We are on course for excellence, thanks to our ability to stay close to our customers and build with them a lasting relationship based on quality, mutual trust, expertise and transparency.
Our Shareholders
We want our shareholders to be satisfied with our results and proud of the distinctive way in which we manage to achieve them. We must place constant emphasis on leadership in term of profitability and growth, as the reward for quality, efficiency, entrepreneurial spirit, and compliant with a clear-cut and shared ethical code.
Local Community
We are an active corporate citizen. Wherever the Group operates it promotes a sustainable economic and social growth. We accept our corporate social responsibility as a characteristic feature on our way of doing business. We are aware that we have an important role to play within society and the local communities where we operate.
Sustainability of Project
Drivers of Sustainability
CSR NET Economic Impact (NEI) Analysis
Scope of Sustainability Analysis
- Environment
- Social
- Economic